School Obligations





1. To head and supervise all the other prefects

2. To link the gap between the student and the administration by acting as the middle man.

3. To link the space between the teaching staff(teachers) the student , the student , the administration and also the non-teaching staff.

4. To act as a mentor , counselor and adviser to all students in the school

5. To ensure that the prefects unity is upheld in the school because it enables smooth running of the school.

6. To create awareness of all cases of indiscipline to the administration using the prefectial system

7. To work in one accord and concord with the administration inensuring that all students with very special cases are treated in a special way.

8. To ensure that the school runs normally even incase of teachers riots or strikes by ensuring that everything is in its own place /position

9. To ensure that all student gain principles of christian living which enables them to grow morally upright inlife by organizing regular talks with them. This is achieved during the parade time, C.U ( Christian Union ) services or even through visiting individual classes. Also, talking to individuals by confidentiality method also enhances this point.

10. To be a good role model to all students because students are more likely to do what the captain does. N/B If I do positive things then the probability is that they will also do positive and constructive things.

11. To report all students grievances / problems/ challenges to the administration for correction. It is also my duty to follow up and ensure that all requests from the students are tackled well and at the shortest time possible.

12. To ensure that all school rules are followed maximumly by all students. N/B School rules are not respector of persons they are equal and apply to everybody in the school.

13. To ensure that students talents are natured and worked upon. This is effective through encouraging the students to join clubs and movement societies available in the school.

14. To ensure that every student is in the right school attire.

15. To take care of all boarders in the school and ensuring that everything is well on their side.

16. Taking care of the schools’ property and ensuring that everything remains at the right position.

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