Prefects Body





  1. To make sure that the lab is cleaned that is on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

  2. To make sure that the windows are closed in the evening for both labs

  3. To ensure that there is no noise when students are in the lab during prep time

  4. To make sure that the benches are all wiped after any experiment

  5. To ensure that all sinks are clean i.e no papers dumped inside

  6. To ensure that all stools are in the lab but not in classes

  7. To make sure that students do not write on the benches and if they do I punish them

  8. To ensure that the labs are swept when there is shortage of water in the school

  9. To ensure that all apparatus are taken care of especially the test-tubes , when a student breaks a test – tube I inform the lab assistant

  10. To make sure that the lab cleaners who I choose are all punctual and responsible to their duties and if one fails I eliminate him/her.

  11. To ensure that all lab rules and regulations are followed e.g not eating while in the lab.

  12. To make sure that all students in the lab are settled and no movements.




  1. Shortage of cleaners

  2. Some students write on the benches and it is very difficult for me to trace who wrote.

  3. Some classes after having their experiments leave the benches watery and later on they come to lab complaining that the benches are dirty.

  4. Some students after chewing gums stick them under the benches.

  5. Some students come with sweets and biscuits in the lab and after eating them throw the papers in the sinks and some on the floor.

  6. Some students are shifting stools from the lab to their classes.







  1. To ensure that the staffroom is always clean and tidy.

  2. To ensure that the staffroom is out of bound to students.

  3. To support the captain in implementation of policies and strategies that are set.

  4. To support the discipline captain in ensuring that discipline is maintained in the whole school

  5. Following the school rules and setting a good example for other students to emulate.

  6. Checking on my assistant and make sure they are working efficiently .




  1. Blame from teachers when staffroom is dirty and untidy.

  2. Scarcity of water.

  3. Rudeness from washers if told to carry out their duties

  4. Lack of an appropriate time for carrying out the duty of washing since we have to wait for all teachers to leave so as to wash.





  1. Dealing with Girl’s affairs

  2. Ensuring that hygiene is maintained in the school

  3. Making sure that students are in the right school uniform

  4. Ensuring that the prefects are performing their duties in their fields.

  5. Ensuring that all the complains from prefects are handled well and solved.

  6. Making sure that each department in the school apart from the administration is running smoothly.

  7. Enhancing there is a good relationship between the students and the prefects.




  1. Some students despise you maybe because you are soft spoken.

  2. Majority of students need to be followed closely in order for them to follow the school rules like running to classes after meals and speaking in their mother tongue if you are away they do the opposite.

  3. Most students when found on the wrong side refuse to do punishments claiming that they were not to be punished.

  4. When giving speech to students , they discourage you by shouting to raise your voice or laugh when one shrubs thus making one disappointed .

  5. Time management especially on academics becomes challenging because most of the time you must be after students talking to them and correcting them where necessary.

  6. Making new students who join the school from other schools abide by the school rules becomes difficult because they usually do what was being done in their former schools.




Human beings were created in God’s image and are all alike. However, different people from different places live differently, think differently and carry out different activities . Most of these are mainly based on the environment from which the person comes from . Therefore, human beings behavior is also directed by the environment from which the person comes from . As an environment captain, some of my duties in school are as follows;


a) cleanliness being second to God, I have to ensure that the whole school, classes and the compound is always clean. A clean environment offers room for critical thinking.


b) I am concerned with how students relate to each other and also with teachers. Good relationships promote good ideas from those who are concerned . If all students have a positive and good relationship , the entire school environment will be like that. That’s my duty to see to that.


c) Help in promoting self discipline among students . Indiscipline issues might lead to the spoilage of the entire school environment.


d) For the major purpose of being in school is learning my duty is therefore to ensure that the environment itself is academic. An academic environment is one that is quite , good relationship among people and people who are willing to do their duties as students.


e) Ensure that school property is respected and well taken care of.


f) Ensure that there is maximum utilization of the available school resources but without wastage.


g) Helping and guiding those students who might be losing hope.


h) Support the school captain in implementing some policies and strategies he comes up with .


When carrying out my duties however, I sometimes face some challenges some of which are:-


a) Rude cases sometimes I tell students to wash and some might decide to respond rudely. As a student I cannot beat them. I feel bad that even if I punish them they just show me that I am doing nothing.


b) Sometimes I find the compound unclean and am usually challenged of whom I should let clean it. I cannot just pick anybody at random because I feel that am oppressing them.






1. To make all students in the school aware of their rights and freedoms while in the school.


2. To make the administration aware of the problems that the students face.


3. To air out all students grievances to the administration for solving.


4. To make sure that all students are comfortable in the school with the teachers and all the prefects , so that they can learn smoothly.




Since this is a new department in one school I have not encountered a lot of difficulties except that one of students failing / keeping with the problems and not availing them at the spot.




Ensure all students welfare runs well mostly in their talents , relation to each other , be free and enjoy being a member of certain club.




1. I am to ensure that the students are able to learn smoothly by ensuring they have the needed materials like exercise and text books.

2. I am to nature all the students to identify their talents and work on them to the maximum

3. To make sure that the head of clubs and societies is given a good backup to ensure all the students belong to atleast one club and movement.

4. To ensure that all the students have a good relationship to each other for smooth learning.

5. To ensure that all the students have a good relationship with all their monitors without causes of injustice or favour.

6. To work with the administration to ensure that the students with special needs even at home are assisted.

7. Ensure that the form ones are not bullied or harassed by the senior students in any way.


8. Walk with the religious based chairpersons to ensure that the students are well natured in spiritual matters.




1. Some students fear to talk themselves out so that they are helped.

2. Some teachers lack enough support to the students .

3. At times the required text books are not available.

4. Some students lack good personalities to relate with each other.



1. The administration to be ready to hear each an every single problem a student may have.


Well, a journey of a hundred miles starts with a single step. As a school deputy captain this year, I cannot declare that the school is going on well as far as discipline is concerned.

My duties as the deputy school captain include;

1. Dealing with indiscipline cases from all over the school compound.

2. To act as the school captain when the captain is not around

3. To show the students the need for being self disciplined

4. Maintaining order in school

5. Enforcing school rules and regulations that have been set by administration or fellow captains.

6. Ensuring that school property is well taken care of.

7. Assisting students with need especially health problems.

8. Ensuring there is no conflict in school whether a teacher is there or not.

9. Supporting other junior and senior prefects and more so the class prefect.

10. Being a guard of the school.

11. Acting as a counselor and a motivator to a broken heart

12. Directing visitors.


Discipline being a very sensitive area , lies so many challenges such as;

i) Using a lot of time dealing with indiscipline cases even sometimes when in class time.

ii) its hectic dealing with rude students and even making them to understand the mistake.

iii) Having to keep on repeating the same issue and you still find others doing the wrong thing

iv) Difficulty in understanding who among the prefects or a student is wrong when a case have been reported to me.


So far I haven’t faced really so much difficulties and challenges but this being academic year in our school we wish to co-operate together as a prefect body , students and teachers to ensure better performance and to strengthen our relationship with God.







1. Ensuring an excellent performance is maintained by the students through giving educational motivations and encouraging contributions from other sources on matters based on education .

2. Receiving complains from the students that leads to their failure which I address to the teachers on concern.

3. Ensuring school exams are done by the scheduled time so as to reduce misinconvenience to the students.

4. Enhancing the adherence to the effective forty /thirty five system in every class.

5. Supporting any academic activity in the school e.g symposiums and encouraging co-operation of all students.


1. Assisting the captain in enhancing good conduct in the school.

2. Correcting the students where they go wrong .

3. Helping students with various problems in their subjects.

4. Developing a good relationship with fellow prefects and students and teachers


1. This is consumed very much while on duties.

2. Some complains that I get from some students are sometimes difficult to be addressed to the persons concerned .




1. To lead the spiritual matters of the school

2. Organize for rallies and fellowships and meet with other schools

3. Naturing the school’s community spiritually by inviting preachers and inspiration speakers to spread the gospel.

4. Naturing the students talents e.g singing, dancing and engaging them in christian

union activities.

5. Teaching on the morals accepted in school to all students

6. Teaching students to live in peace amongst themselves from a biblical perspective.

7. Teaching the students to obey the word of God and have a good relationship with him.

8. Contributing to the welfare of the community eg visiting the sick with support from their members.

9. Co-ordinating the workshop sessions eg at parades and other internal meetings.

10. Ensuring the students relate well with their teachers and non-teaching staff, to respect them highly.




1. Lack of co-operation from some members

2. Lack of commitment from some members

3. Opposition from some staff members

4. Lack of role model in schools

5. Lack of suitable and permanent worship centre

6. Students and staff expecting the chairpersons to be “ holier than thou”

7. Lack of capital to carry out our projects.




1. Teachers to encourage the students to fully express their talents in God’s work.

2. The born – again teachers and non-teaching staff to come up strongly and show us the way.

3. Administration to give us a permanent building where we can always meet ( can even build for us)

4. Co- operate both students and teachers or administration in fulfilling our projects and dreams through fund.

5. Students and teachers to realize that no one is Holy and we are cleaned by the blood of Jesus everyday. Therefore, demolish the thought of the Africans being ‘holier than thou’




1. Everybody in the school will participate in worshiping God despite their state of salvation or denomination

2. Assistance and support from the entire school so as we get a public address system.

3. That one day everybody will come to recognize the God whom we praise and unshamely join us.




1. Making sure the meals are taken on time.

2. Receiving any complain from the students concerning the meals

3. I also listen to any mishandle of the food or tea by the cooks.

4. To ensure that the hall is cleaned and also the kitchen

5. I also check on my assistants and make sure they are all working efficiently

6. I also receive the complains from both the students and my assistants and forward them to the office if I cannot solve them.

7. To maintain discipline in the hall and also hygiene.




Prefects not recognized by teachers – in some cases teachers do not recognize prefects and they may punish them even when they are performing their duties.

Nick names most prefects end up being given nicknames by the other students . This may lower their self esteem and therefore giving up their duties.

High expectations – Being prefects doesn’t mean that we are perfect. We are the same with the other students . However majority of the teachers and students have very high expectations from us students. This means that if a prefect does something wrong he/she becomes exposed almost to the whole school and therefore he/she looses respect.

Lack of support from the administration – we can never do anything without the assistance of the administration . In some cases we lack assistance from the administration and this may make us stop carrying out our duties.

Hatred – Many students hate prefects Anything bad done to the students the prefects are blamed. Many students don’t like doing the right thing and because the prefects are there to make sure that the school rules are followed they end up being hated by all the other students.


Mockery- Majority of students have a mentality that prefects don’t know what they came to do in school. They provoke them and others may ask, “ What did you come to do in school? to read or to look after the other students?”






  1. Making sure that all the clubs are co-operating well

  2. making sure that all the clubs have a positive impact to people

  3. making sure that students uplift their talents in the clubs

  4. sharing my ideas to all the chairpersons of various clubs.

  5. to co-ordinate and try to solve all the problems or matters arising

  6. to support all clubs in any way

  7. to supervise all activities if only there is need of supervision.

  8. to organize activities

  9. to encourage people on improving their talents.




  1. lack of co-operation from students

  2. lack of fulfilling the goods that each club says

  3. lack of management of time from the leaders of various clubs

  4. lack of well interaction between the leaders of various clubs with their members.

  5. Lack of interaction between the chairperson of their club and their patron and






  1. The dormitory captain should ensure that all students get enough sleep

  2. ensure that no student is bullied

  3. ensure that the dormitory is kept closed to avoid theft

  4. ensure that the dormitory is kept clean

  5. ensure that students take their meals at the right time and that the special cases have been well attended to

  6. ensure that homosexuality is not practiced

  7. ensure that he listens to the cries of the boarders and that they are attended to immediately

  8. ensure that the dormitory is strictly out of bound from non-borders and outsiders

  9. Do a thorough search in the dormitories

  10. ensure that there are no grievances among students and prefects or captains

  11. ensure that there is a good personal hygiene of every student.






  1. To ensure that scouts rules and regulations are adhered to by the fellow scouts.

  2. To make sure that the scouts promise is put into practice.

  3. To act as a good role model not only to other scouts but also to the entire school

  4. To maintain the conducts of the troop

  5. To ensure that the environment is conserved

  6. To ensure that the fellow scouts participate in giving first – aid services when necessary.

  7. To the entire scouts in school effectively

  8. To attend scouts meeting of respective times

  9. To take action to those who disrespect laws concerning scouting for example tree flag and the national anthem

  10. To counsel and guide the scouts and the school at large .




  1. Lack of support from the administration ( scouts and school administration)

  2. Lack of respect from the students ( They take scouting as just a mere club)

  3. Some fellow scouts are too down such that they don’t recognize their duties for example cleaning the school compound

  4. Lack of support from parents e.g buying the scouts uniform




I kindly request for the support from the administration i.e to be recognized as a scout movement in the school.

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