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Rungiri Secondary School::strategic plans 2010-2015


                            STRATEGIC PLAN FOR RUNGIRI HIGH SCHOOL


  The draft academic strategic plan for Rungiri High School was developed by the career masters office at Rungiri High School.
The school board of governors and the administration will use the strategic plan to determine priorities, guide financial decisions and seek feed back from staff parents and patrons.
The strategic plan will be a living document that will change as the world and the other community change.
The principal the deputy principal and other teachers are to monitor the strategic plan and report on progress regularly to the board of governors.

Our vision

To be a centre of excellence in provision and promotion of quality education.

Our mission
The mission of Rungiri Secondary school is to efficiently and effectively nurture the students the student’s academic and co-curricular potential within a conducive environment whose pillars are discipline and spiritual endowment.
To realize our mission, we commit to.

Building strong, positive relationship and partnerships within and among students, colleagues,’ parents and the Rungiri community at large.

                   To realize our mission, we commit to:  

  •   Building strong, positive relationship within and among students, colleagues’ parents and the community.
  •   Supporting school and program improvement plans by working together as a system
  •     Acting on the belief that each student can learn and deserves our best efforts.
  •    Respecting and celebrating diversity and culture in people and ideas.
  •    Approaching our work as learners
  •   Continuing our growth and development of skills, knowledge, and behaviours in a climate of trust and  collaboration.
  •  Acting strategically with continuous reflection and improvement.
  •  Ensuring public trust by using our resources wisely.

                            Our goals

All student of Rungiri succeed at each level and graduate from high school well prepared for a variety of post secondary pursuits in our Kenyan society.

To realize our goal,

  •     We will ensure all students reach or exceed individual learning goals aligned with national standards   and high school graduation requirements.
  •     Align all the schools resources programme and departments to achievement of instructional excellence.
  •     Engage parents and the community in supporting high levels of student achievement

          Strategic plans  2010 – 2015 based on recommendations of operation effective 40/35

                      Strategies and objectives

Strategy 1

Ensure all students reach or exceed individual learning goals aligned with national standards, and secondary school graduation requirement.  

a)    Support, empower and expect all staff to have knowledge of and be responsive to students and their families of all culture and circumstances.

b)    Provide a physical and emotional safe learning environment through the development of personalized learning structures where each student is supported by a caring adult.

c)    Support students and families as they undergo a transition into and out of grade levels and programs

d)    Analyzes data from multiple sources to provide option to improve and enrich the learning environment for all students.

e)    Support, empower and expect all staff to actively engage in their learning and to enhance the sense of community in their school.

Objective 1

Align the written, taught and tested curriculum to engage all students in rigorous and relevant learning.


a)    Implement curriculum instruction. From form 1 to form 4.

b)    Support and empower teachers and staff to teach the curriculum using effective instruction practices based on data and research e.g. computers and overhead projectors


  •     Support all teachers with instructional coaching based on relevant data
  •     Implement effective teacher staff collaboration focused on student learning.

c)    Support empower and expect the principal to be the instructional leader modeling continuous learning.

d)    Analyze data from many sources to make decision about instruction at the national, provincial, district, and classroom and student level.

Strategy 2

Align all school resources, programme and department to attain high levels of student achievement and instructional excellence.

Objective 1

Apply effective decision making and communication practices that create system effectiveness.


Implement and communicate a strategic budget process that is understandable inclusive and supports the schools goals.

Objective 3

Recruit, support and retain a highly qualified staff.

Objective 4


Design constructs and maintains cost effective classes that support and enhance student achievement

Objectives 5

Analyze data from multiple sources to evaluate schools instructional and  non instructional programs and department  to ensure alignment in support of the school goals.

Strategy 3

Engage parents and the community in supporting high levels of students’ achievement.

Objective 1

Ensure quality relationship with all parents and guardians to support student academic achievement. 

a)    Develop rapport among staff  members
b)    Develop relationship with CDF community bursaries and other aid agencies who help our students.
c)    Urge parents to seek donor aid from their organization in order to develop the school.

Objective 2

Invite highly educated highly experienced people to talk to our students.

Objective 3

To interpret data obtained and improve the delivery of content.

Objective 4

Invite successful former student to motivate others

Objective 5

Communicate with the community about our accomplishments progress and challenges invite parents for open days and give them data on students’ performance.


Strategy 1



  •     Ensure each student has a report book  or a computed data based file within the schools data analysis computer
  •     Carry out data analysis in terms of grade to grade survival rates
  •     Ensure all students participate in class those who do not should be guided and encouraged their number should be known
  •     Carry out student discipline  data.
  •     Carry out graduation rates for the school.
  •     Carry out an assessment of students who qualifies for colleges.
  •     Carry out secondary school graduation rate by cohort
  •     Carry out attendance rates at all levels
  •     Carry out Rungiri high school repeaters rates at all grade levels  
  •     Carry out drop out rates at all grade levels
  •     Carry out wastage rate at all grade level
  •     Carry out a thorough analysis of the data and interpretation needed
  •     Carry out teachers timely class attendance rates.
  •     Carry out student class attendance rates, lateness rates

Strategy to measurement


  •     All school departments should meet adequate yearly progress
  •     Come up with an accurate published budget development process  (the PPBS)
  •     Adopt the budget and fund balance, relies on the government release of the funds (MOE)
  •     Submit auditors official report and implement the change suggested
  •     Come up with a comprehensive annual financial report
  •     Come up with a systematic program and HOD’s reviews
  •     Review the workers employment demographics ( they should have a positive change every year)


Strategy 3 measurements


  •     Ask teachers to give an honest perception, carry out a survey
  •     Carry out a community survey on their perception
  •     Carry out student climate survey
  •     Interview form 1 at the point of entry and form 4 at the point of exit.


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