Historic Profile

Rungiri secondary school was established in 1978 as a ’Harambee ’ school. The school was founded as a result of Harambee fund raising meeting held on 19th February, 1978 at which members of the public ’pulled together’ to contribute money to start the school.

The initial objective of starting the school was to absorb the growing number of primary school leavers from the locality who could not secure admission in the government aided schools.

The founder of the school was Mr. Socrates Gitau Karanja together with other elders of the P.C.E.A Church Rungiri.

The initial enrolment of the school in 1978 was 57 students of both genders. However, owing to its strategic location, improvement in physical facilities among other factors; the enrolment has significantly improved to the current 860 students.

It has immense potential for further expansion in enrolment. The school is now under the ministry of education and is registered as a mixed Day school sponsored by the P.C.E.A Church.

In academics, Rungiri has improved from a mean of 4.1447 in the year 2004 to 6.581 in the year 2011. The school has emerged as the best school in the district for the past 3 years.


In Co- curricular activities, the school participates in most activities and has been represented at the national level. Currently, the school has an enrolment of 860 students; 301 girls and 559 boys.


1.2              Geographic Location of the School


The school is located about 17KM from Nairobi, off the Nairobi-Nakuru highway. It is in Kikuyu District of Kiambu County.

The school is approximately 6000 feet above the sea level and occupies a site adjacent to the Rungiri primary school. Being at this altitude the climate is cool and temperate.

The site is gently sloping with large open areas surrounded by wooded section making this an ideal learning environment.


1978:                             Establishment and admission of the first batch of student

1979:                             Construction of a science laboratory

1990:                              Construction of dining hall

2007:                              Introduction of boarding facility

2008-2012:                  Construction of 3 tuition blocks and a computer lab

2005-2006:                    Construction of another science laboratory

2010:                               Establishment of a 4th stream




NAME                                                                                           YEAR OF SERVICE

MR MWANGI-                                                                           1978-1980

MR. DOMINIC MUTURI                                                              1980-1984

MRS HANNAH KARIGO                                                              1984-SEPT 2004

MRS WAMAKIMA F.M.                                                                SEPT 2004-2013

Mr. FRANCIS M. GAKUU                                                             2014 to date




NAME                                                                                           YEAR OF SERVICE

MR LAWRENCE WAMBAA                                                                  1979-1989

MR. JOSEPH REGERU                                                                      1989-1999

MR. HERMAN MBUTHIA                                                                   1999-2009

DR.  MUTHOMI JAMES                                                                   2009- TO DATE

1.6         P.T.A CHAIRPERSONS:                  


NAME                                                                                           YEAR OF SERVICE

Mr. JOSEPH KAGWI MUROKI                                                              1991

MR. PETER GICHERU                                                                        1991-2006

MR. STEPHEN NGUGI                                                                        2006-2011

DR. REV.MAINA GAITHURU                                                              2011 to date

Welcome to Rungiri secondary School. Perhaps the only performing mixed District day schools in Central province. Rungiri secondary School offers a wide range of opportunities for all students both boys and girls, from the humanities, sciences and co-curricular programs.

Rungiri has won most events in the division, district, even in National competitions we have excelled in music.drama and sports.

Our objectives is to provide quality education for our students, in which spirituality and Christian values are shared and lived by all members . The teaching fraternity works to provide committed teaching, giving due regard to the requirements of the National Curriculum and realization of vision 2030. Rungiri School offers a safe and conducive environment where there is equality of opportunity for each student to realise his or her potential.

Our students are independent thinkers, highly disciplined and committed to attainment of their career goals. In Rungiri respect is not demanded it is commanded.

Matters of spirituality, caring for the environment are highly emphasized by all

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